Welcome to SusWoT

We’re a group of local people looking at the issues of climate change and diminishing fossil fuel reserves. We are trying to adapt the ways in which we travel, eat, work and consume and in the process create a happier, healthier, more sustainable and closer-knit community.  We are not linked to any political party, but aim to be inclusive of everyone.

We have a variety of activities through the year  and are always on the lookout for new ideas. See the calendar for dates.

We think that it is vital for people to enjoy SusWoT activities so we try to make them an good experience and hope that they are also good for the community.

We have found that the things people like doing are making our environment cleaner and growing things to eat.  We find it far harder to engage people in energy conservation, or travelling more sustainable.  If you have any ideas how to do it please get in touch!

You can review our constitution here. This is a revised constitution following adoption at the the April 2019 AGM .

Harold Stephens Supports SusWoT

Harold Stephens are supporting SusWoT now. Not only are they litter picking the centre of the village they have also bought 50 high viz vests for SusWoT.