Project to Reduce the Waste of Fresh Food

SusWot is looking for people to help with this project.  We are going to try to reduce the amount of fresh produce that is wasted in Westbury.  For example there are hundreds of fruit trees where some of the fruit is not harvested, allotments and gardens where crops are not used because there is so much.  But there will still be people buying food in the village.

We are planning to have stalls at the W-o-T Flower Show (10 September)  and
the Produce Market in September and October where we could possibly sell  or
barter the produce.
  It may be that we can do a deal whereby this produce
could be ‘sold’ through our local greengrocers.  All ideas are welcome.

We will need many people to collect and distribute any produce and manage
the process.

If you would like to be part of this project please email me and I will get
in touch ( and organise a meeting of those

Alex Dunn (SusWot chair)

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