Suswot has a facebook page!

Follow Suswot on facebook! The facebook page is a little sparse at the moment but in time should provide an alternative way to keep in touch with Suswot’s activities.

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  1. Susredland and Susbishopston have organised a discussion forum on sustainability and low energy living with the students at Redland Green School on March 28th at 3.30pm. We’d love as many SusWoT people to come as possible. We’re starting with excerpts from Beyond the Brink, and will split the students into groups to talk about different issues with the aim of coming up with action. We’re keen to bolster the groups with adults from local sustainability groups, partly to make it more interesting for all parties, but also to put a community wide slant on to both the event and the issues.

    So please, please come.

    If you can make it, could you get in touch with me

    Many thanks – Hamish Wills, Susredland

  2. at the event on the 28th March at RGS it was suggested…..” that posted a round the city there could be VDU screens like the one on the Explore building facing into Millennium SQ. These could be interactive with the public for tweet-like postings (Green Tweets) from individuals who have walked more, car shared, grown their own veg for the first time, took the bus………..whatever…and gone viral with it but also very publicly visually too! What do people think?

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