Wormery report

I received my wormery in March and raring to go set it up straight away. The instruction leaflet seemed a bit odd but I followed the instructions anyway. Only later, after checking online did I realise my instinct had been correct and the instructions weren’t. (This was to do with covering the base with newspaper to stop the compost falling through). Anyway I hoped it wouldn’t matter as I didn’t want to start all over again.

I positioned the wormery in the garage hoping the worms would like the shelter, and put the lid on tight to make sure they could not escape. For the first few days they roamed around all over the inside of the bin. After a few days I started feeding them, as far as I could according with the instructions, giving them a small amount of food waste to begin with. However I was not sure what a small amount was so I erred on the side of caution.

Nearly two months later they are still there, they don’t seem to have eaten much of the food waste I have put in and they haven’t produced any liquid fertiliser. They have been moved to outside the back door and I’m feeding them eggshells and making sure the waste is not too wet. I hope they start being more productive soon. It would be interesting to know why some wormeries get going so much faster than others.

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