Cleaning the Trym from Sylvan Way bridge towards Shirehampton Road

Sunday Rain Stops Cleaning

Paddling in the Trym Clearing the Trym on Thursday

The rain over the weekend of 26th  and 27th July proved a huge boost to the project to Clean the Trym.  Instead of 10 people spending a couple of hours cleaning the Trym the activity was rescheduled to take place each evening from Monday to Thursday.  In all 27 people helped clear the river and remove the litter in the surrounding area. All the rubbish here was collected on Thursday.  Several tonnes had been collected on the previous days.


Somebody has lost their spare tyreAn incredible amount of rubbish came out on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but these pictures show just some of the stuff we got on Thursday.





Some of rubbish collected on Thursday  Max and Sarah admire their work.





This was a tough one.

This board was moved about 300m so that it could be collected by Bristol Waste.  The gate was particularly challenging and we needed two wheelbarrows and 4 people


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