Library Garden in December

Some of the rocks removed from the Library Garden in October by double digging.
Double Digging, a lot of dirt is dug out and all the stones, roots etc removed from the bottom of the trench. The next row of soil is then dug out and placed on top. This is hard work.
Library Garden 28 12 2020 onions, shallots, garlic and Broad Beans

In the autumn the bed was partially double dug to remove lots of stones and rocks. We will need to do the same next autumn as the broad beans are growing in the ground that was not properly double dug.

At the top, nearest Falcondale Road are Japanese onions, these will be harvested in early summer. Then come over wintering shallots that have not come up yet and then garlic, three varieties, that has come up.

The area, at the bottom of the picture has Aquadulice Claudia that has now come up.

Hopefully the Garden will not need much attention for the next couple of months.

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