Green Issues

There are many other “green” and environmental issues that we take an interest in, though we do not have specific projects to work on them


Bristol is a pretty good place to be green. There is commitment from the council, a high concentration of green businesses and a wealth of community organisations.

  • Bristol Green Capital
  • Events
    • Big Green Week
    • Festival of Nature
  • Umberella projects
    • Bristol Local Food

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • How can we reduce our consumption of the Earth’s resources?
    • Some of our projects look at this.
    • The various food-related projects looking at growing our own food or buying more locally-produced food using fewer chemicals.
    • Say bog off to BOGOFs! Multi-buy offers just encourage over-buying more often than resulting in a genuine economy for the buyer.
    • Our energy project is focussed on helping us to use less energy in our homes.
  • Can we reuse stuff rather than throwing it away?
    • Try SusSwap or Freecycle.
    • Think about the food you throw away. As a nation, we throw a huge amount of the food we buy away! That’s wasting your money and everything that went into it’s production and delivery. Can you learn to use leftovers more economically.
  • Recycling. Bristol City Council tries pretty hard at providing extensive recycling services. Can we recycle more of our waste for ourselves, making compost, “upcycling” – that’s the trendy, eco word-of-the-moment.


  • TfGB
  • Cycling


  • Local applicatios in WoT such as the Tescos due to take over the Foresters pub, Costa opening with no planning permission, that kind of thing.
  • We looked into ideas to pedestrianise parts of the village centre, but it was all too difficult!

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