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Get Growing

Get Growing is all about helping people to grow food plants for themselves in their own homes. It started with 1,000 tomato plants in 2011. Some 10 individuals were involved in sowing the seeds of five different varieties of tomatoes during the last few weeks of March. On Easter Monday we had an enjoyable afternoon, having set up a production line to pot the small seedlings into a larger pots. Selling the plants has been fun, giving us the opportunity to talk not only about tomatoes but about our concern to make Westbury a more sustainable community.

In 2012, we grew 1,500 tomato plants which were sold to at nominal cost as young plants for people to grow on at home. The extreme wet and cold of the 2012 “summer” was disastrous for tomatoes and has led us to consider hedging our efforts into expanding into other crops such as runner beans.  They can all be purchased at  SusWoT events such as the Get Growing Trail and village fairs.  News of the project was reported in the Evening Post.

See more like this at Crabchick’s gallery:
2664 potting up againsmall  2635 watering repotted seedlings

The project is ever-expanding. In 2013 we offered more vegetables and in 2014 we are planning to introduce the “mixed module” containing mixed seedlings rather than those you buy with many of the same plant which will all be ready at once. More pots will always be needed and more selling venues would be welcome. Do contact if you are interested in joining in.

If you’re not too confident about growing your own veg, here is a handy guide to the top 10 easiest to grow from the Garden Organic.

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