Litter Picking and Cleaning the Trym – Practicalities

SusWot has 2 related activities to clean up our local environment: general litter picking around the area wherever needed and an activity focussed on cleaning the River Trym to improve its ecosystem. We go out on the last Sunday in each month from 11am – 1pm doing one or both of these jobs.

This is a fun group activity and even after wallowing in rubbish for a couple of hours, the pub has never yet turned us away afterwards.

Email to find out more and get involved.

Litter Picking

  • Litter cleaning in areas not managed by Bristol Waste such as lanes, footpaths and woodlands.
  • We have our own equipment including pickers, hi-vis bibs etc.
  • Rubbish is separated into recyclable and non-recyclable types.
  • Bristol Waste support this activity and collect all the rubbish.
  • Bristol Waste manage any hazardous materials.

Cleaning the Trym

  • Removing rubbish with a view to improving the ecosystem of the River Trym.