Monitoring Our Area – how to report any issues

Westbury-on-Trym residents are keen to look after their local area – and many are directly involved in SusWoT activities such as litter-picking, community gardens and improving the ecology of the river Trym. During our activities we often meet people who have identified problems but don’t know the best way to get these resolved. Various organisations (and Council departments) have responsibility for different aspects of our environment so selecting the right reporting route can be confusing. The table below shows ways to report different problems. We’ve tried and tested many of these ourselves.

With the exception of pollution incidents (where speed is of the essence), the best method of contact is to complete online forms. This means that databases are automatically updated and it is easier to track issues. You can complete the online forms from your mobile phone while you’re at the location or send a report in once you get home. In all cases, you will need to provide details of the type of issue, the precise location (what3words is very useful for Parks and Open Spaces) and a description. You can also upload photographs within many of these forms (although for some you will need to restrict the size of the photo to 2Mb).

If you are still having difficulty with reporting an issue, please email and we will help if we can.

Location/Type of IssueRecommended Reporting Route
Parks Issues
Street Issues
Public footpaths and bridlewaysIf not reportable via parks department or fixmystreet then email
Tree ProblemReport a Tree Problem
Report litter for collection after a litter-pickLeave by a public bin if possible - that way Bristol Waste will pick it up on their rounds.

Alternatively complete this form: Bristol Waste Litter Collection Form
Sewage/sewage debris in the river or by manhole coversCall Wessex Water: 0345 600 4 600
Report a problem to Wessex Water
Non-sewage river pollution IncidentsCall the Environment Agency: 0800 80 70 60
Report an environment Incident