Litter Rounds Assigned

Assigned Litter Rounds in Westbury-on-Trym

The aim is to have people in place who will litter pick the rounds as required. SusWoT will provide all the equipment required and makes sure the litter collected is taken away. As we get more volunteers to litter pick rounds we will add them to the map.

The table below show the rounds that people are looking after as mapped above. We know that there are other people keeping various places litter free in Westbury. The ambition is to have all Westbury as litter free as is realistic. Litter is collected from the streets and paths by Bristol Waste and from the various parks by Bristol Parks Department. SusWoT are looking to supplement that work and by keeping the area tidy discourage people from dropping litter.

Routes Assigned to Litter Pickers

R01Chalcombe Road and parts of Abbey Road and Stoke Lane including the shops and car park to Parrys Lane.As needed
R02Cooper Road circuit including parts of Abbey Road, Stoke Lane and Falcondale Road.As needed
R03Great Brockeridge, Downs Road, The Dell.As needed
R04Ebenezer Lane, around Stoke Lane Playing Field and othersAs needed
R05Sandyleaze, and nearbyAs needed
R06Eastfield, Eastfield Road, Priory Avenue, Grange ParkAs needed
R07Around Westbury Church, Chock Lane, Church Road etcAs needed
R08Henbury Road (part), Northover Road, Hyfield Grove, Rosery Close & Falcon CloseAs needed
R09Coombe Lane, Parrys Lane etcAs needed
R10Reedley Road Withey Closes and MeadAs needed
R11Abbey Road (Part) + side roadsAs needed
R12Stoke Grove, Rayleigh Road, Coniston Avenue, some lanes, Cote ParkAs neededdisconnected roads
R13Falcondale Road PartAs needed
R14Hillsdon Rd and Southdown RdAs needed
R15Part Canford LaneAs needed
R16Vintery Leys and part Clover Ground, Home Ground and offshootsAs needed
R17Westbury Hill, Westbury Road some of EastfieldAs needed
R18Brainsfield, Oakhurst and BArley CroftAs needed
R19Bell Barn Road, Woodland Grove, Coombe Bridge AvenueAs needed
R20Canford Lane by Canford Park etcAs needed
R21 Westbury Court Rd, Fraley Rd, Falcondale (East side), Henbury Hill (South side), Westfield Rd & the public path between Westbury Ct Rd & WestfieldAs needed
R22Westovers, Southovers, Eastovers and Falcondale WalkAs needed
R23Stoke Lane (part), Cambridge Crescent and Southfield RoadAs needed
R24Shipley Road, Holmwood Gardens, Part Passage Road, Whytes Close and a footpath As needed
R25Pinewood Close, Priory Ct and Eastfield Rd Part. Designated 25A and 25BAs needed
R26Lampeter Road and some pathsAs Needed
R27All Stoke Lane. Note that parts of Stoke lane are in more than one round as the litter is bad.As needed
R28Briarwood, Downs Cote Drive, Downs Cote Avenue, Downs Cote GardensAs Needed
This table show the streets assigned in Westbury-on-Trym to Litter Pickers.

Can You Help?

If you would like to take on a litter round in Westbury-on-Trym please fill in the form.