Friends of Badock’s Wood

Friends of Badock’s Wood

Badock’s Wood Nature Reserve is right in the heart of the city at the heart of the local community. The wood is a haven of biodiversity along the banks of the River Trym and is managed jointly by Bristol Parks Department and The Friends of Badock’s Wood. The Friends have regular activities both working to maintain the wood, such as litter picking, as well as events to discover the wildlife.

Click here for a map. Take a look at the gallery below.

Biodiversity is a source of wonder for young and old alike, but it also has very practical benefits for humanity. See page 3 of the September 2011 newsletter for a discussion of an attempt to value the benefits we get for free from nature, sometimes known as “ecosystem services”.

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  1. Lost my house keys in the Wood. Thank you so much to the lady who found them and returned them to me. Also thanks to the person who spotted them and put them in a visible position.

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