February Open Meeting ‘Climate Change’

There will be an open meeting of SusWoT on Thursday 25 February from 8pm at the Post Office Tavern.  The aim of the meeting is to come up with practical things we could do in Westbury to reduce Westbury’s impact on the climate.  It is likely that this will mean looking for ways that we can reduce the amount of energy that is used by the village.

The proposed format is to work in small groups, and see what ideas people have, and whether those ideas can be turned into practical actions.  So it is an opportunity to indulge in some blue sky thinking and then see if there are practical ways to put the ideas into reality.

It may be that any ideas produced will lead to mini projects for us.

It is also about people having an enjoyable evening!  We have asked for a space to be reserved fron us at the right hand end of the pub.


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