Litter Picking Progress

SusWoT have collected 40 sacks of litter in 6 picks starting on 6 July. About 40 people have helped. SusWoT are looking to start work in Blaise and along the Trym in the next few weeks.

If you woud like to help email A timetable of activities is here.

Litter collected on 12 July from the Trym Valley in Sea Mills
Keith, Leoni and Richard with our first post-lockdown litter pick on Monday 6 July
Litter collected from the centre of Westbury by David, Pam and John
Litter Collected on Saturday 11 July
Rubbish collested by Lucy, Pate and Alex from Clover Ground on 10 July
Flymo flytipped!
Liz and Zac with litter from the banks of the Avon picked on 12 July

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